Join Our Team & Hunt

This is a picture of some of the crew from Team Carolina in 2015. If you click on the link below to donate, and/or join our walk, you will see more pictures from that year. We skipped last year, not because it wasn’t a good cause or because it wasn’t a lot of fun, but simply because we thought it was something that Nicoline wanted to put behind her. The truth is, it will always be a part of her past, and she will always be a survivor. Nicoline and her kids have expressed interest in doing a team again this year, so we are going to make it an annual event! It will not be all about Nicoline anymore, just a fun walk for a great cause with an added twist.

The hunt…To increase participation, we have decided to make it a challenge. Each pair (groups of 2) who donate a minimum of $25 by September 15th and join our walk, will not only receive a team shirt, but will also be handed a treasure hunt list at the beginning of the walk. Sort of a mini version of our big scavenger hunts. There will be things to do and things to find along the way. The catch is, you will need to finish the walk, and come to Carolina House that evening between 4:30-6:00. You will be graded, and if you accomplished a certain number of tasks, you will be rewarded with a tapas item, a specialty cocktail (or mocktail), and your name will go in a drawing with all the winners for a grand prize!

If you want to participate, simply click the link below, sign up to join the walk, make your donation, and send us an email that you are in. We will get you all the necessary information as the event gets closer.