Loyalty Program Update

Introducing our New Loyalty Program

  • Giving you the power to check your status right from your phone.
  • Add your own points
  • Earn and use rewards at any of our three locations
  1. Upload the MobileBytes app to your iPhone or Android and sign up with your name and phone number.
  2. Scan your receipt every time you visit one of our locations and watch your points go up! It will show you when your next reward is due and you can choose where you’d like to use it.
  3. You will earn two small rewards along the way until you make it to “Gold.” Once in gold, you will continually be able to get back there again, and again. You will earn smaller rewards more frequently (total reward per dollar is the same).
  4. Only one discount is redeemable per visit, but points do not expire.
  • Already a loyalty member at Carolina House? Upload the new app and sign up as outlined above. Stop by Carolina House before August 10th and give any staff member your whole name so we can look up your old account and the phone number you sign up with for the new account so we can apply your points. It’s that easy! We only have viewing access to the old account for 30 days, so make sure you stop in or they will be gone.
  • No smart phone? No problem! You can go into any of our locations and a staff member can sign you up with your name and phone number. If you get a phone in the future, you will then be able to access your account directly as long as you keep the same phone number.

Also coming soon… Carolina House will launch testing for online ordering for take out! This will be available from the same MobileBytes app or from our web site. If all goes well, our other three restaurants will follow along. Stay tuned for more details.